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The FAA broke the law.........


PATCO Union member Class Action

Complaint against the FAA is

Certified by the EEOC.

FAA  sent notice to 3,654 PATCO Controllers!





  Complainant,  v.   EEOC Docket No. 310-2004-000322X


Ray LaHood  Secretary, Department of Transportation,  





Age Discrimination.........

November 11, 2014

Letter from Jeff Atchley, Esq.


NATCA no friend to PATCO strikers!


Class Action Certified

PATCO Union Member Wins Appeal

October 31, 2006

PATCO Union member wins EEOC appeal in DC on Age Discrimination against the FAA, Class Action is now Certified.  

Age Discrimination Class Action is Certified

In a nutshell the FAA lost the appeal in Washington, D.C to the EEOC, and Class Action is Certified”!

“The EEOC has rejected literally all of the FAA’s arguments on appeal.  The decision also rejected the FAA’s argument and held that we can bring a “disparate impact” claim against the FAA. .… In effect, the EEOC affirmed all of the ALJ’s earlier decision which conditionally certified the class.”

This a great victory for the PATCO controllers, and it is about time that the FAA be held accountable for it illegal and discriminatory hiring practices.

Ron Taylor



The Texas Ruling by EEOC:

On March 13, 2006, an EEO complaint filed by a PATCO Union member in Houston, Texas was conditionally certified as a class action age discrimination claim. The case is EEOC No. 310-2004-00322X.  In her decision, the Administrative Judge considered all the arguments filed on behalf of the class agent and those filed by the FAA, and determined that the case was a proper class action. The Judge defined the class as follows:

....the following class complaint is certified:

Whether the FAA discriminated against PATCO Inventory applicants on the basis of age when they were not selected for Air Traffic Control Specialist vacancies on September 16, 2003, and thereafter. This Class complaint encompasses the following allegedly discriminatory practices and/or policies for the hiring of Air Traffic Control Specialists:

(A) The maintenance of separate "applicant pools"

(B) The use of quotas in making selections

(C) Not comparing candidates from one pool with those in other applicant pools

(D) Beginning in approximately 1999, not making any further selections from the PATCO Inventory.

Class membership is reserved to:

Those PATCO Inventory applicants who were not selected for Terminal and Enroute Air Traffic Control Specialist vacancies (at their preferred locations) beginning on September 16, 2003, and thereafter. Preferred locations refers to the locations identified by the PATCO Inventory applicant as ones for which they would like to be considered for ATCS employment.


PATCO EEOC Legal Contact:

Jeff Atchley, Esquire

Web site @   Lawsuit

266 S Front Street
Suite 206
Memphis, Tennessee 38103-3803

Tel: (901) 528-8300


March 15, 2006


Aviation Daily
: PATCO Controllers Get Green Light On Class Action Complaint

A U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) judge this week ruled that controllers fired by President Reagan after the 1981 strike can proceed with a class action suit against FAA charging that age discrimination has prevented their rehiring.

The EEOC decision is a major milestone for the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization in its long-running legal battle with FAA, said PATCO President Ron Taylor. He estimates that 4,000-5,000 PATCO controllers could be covered by the class action, and a multi-million-dollar damages claim is possible. No court date for the suit has been set yet, and Taylor said the ball is now in FAA's court as to how it will proceed.

The judge considered submissions from controllers and FAA, and decided there was a proper class action. The PATCO claim charges that FAA discriminated against PATCO members "on the basis of age" when they applied for FAA controller positions from September 2003 onward.

In the suit, PATCO said FAA has not hired any PATCO controllers since 1999. Other discriminatory practices listed by PATCO include the use of separate applicant pools, and hiring quotas for PATCO members. Candidates from each pool were not compared against each other, PATCO said. -AS



President Clintons lifts the ban against the PATCO controllers, but the FAA has failed to comply with the law...

August 12, 1993


SUBJECT:      Providing Employment Eligibility to Former Air Traffic Controllers

On December 9, 1981, President Ronald Reagan, by to the Director of the Office of Personnel Management, imposed an indefinite bar on employment by the Fedaral Aviation Administration (FAA) of striking members of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) , because the strike was not authorized by law. For nearly 12 years those PATCO members have been ineligible for employment with tha FAA and certain other Federal positions.

I believe sanctions have been in effect long enough and that PATCO members should be eligible to apply, without preference, when there are openings with the FAA. It is time to put this chapter of labor-management relations behind us.

Accordingly, by this memorandum and pursuant to my authority to regulate Federal employment, I am repealing the bar. Former air traffic controllers who have been ineligible solely because of the bar hereafter will be eligible to apply for employment with the FAA.

                                                                        William J. Clinton

•U.S. G.P.O.: 1993-300-767:61 W1