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PATCO Controller Wins job back at San Luis Obispo, CA (SBP)

SERCO terminated a PATCO air traffic controller who worked at San Luis Obispo, CA.  This unjust firing by the Company revolved around the time period when the controller was on a legally entitled California meal break.

The Union took the case to arbitration, and the Arbitrator ruled against SERCO.  The controller was awarded full reinstatement back to the facility, with compensation for lost earnings and other benefits.



NATCA loses lawsuit to shut down contract towers


A win for contract tower controllers


For nearly 17 years NATCA fought hard to shut down the FAA contract tower program, with the objective to force those towers and jobs back to the Federal Sector. In August 2011 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit disagreed with them, affirmed a lower court opinion and dismissed their lawsuit. The ruling resolves the challenge to FAA being able to contract for air traffic services at relatively low activity towers. 


The Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, Inc. (PATCO) represents many air traffic controllers that work at FAA contract towers, and it considers them highly dedicated and professionally skilled in the service they provide to the flying public.

Our Union has always supported the contract tower program and the professional controllers behind the scenes. The Union will continue to work with all contractors involved to ensure that air safety is at the highest level.

Contract controllers are professionals that deserve better, so if you need a Union that really cares about your job, security, future, and that will fight for your rights, PATCO is your Union.

 Story @  NATCA lawsuit dismissed

Court Decision @  NATCA Loss



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